Company history

LUMATEC – Specializing in high-performance optical technology since 1976

Our company's story began in 1976 with an innovation, the first flexible laser light guide. A few years later we developed the first infrared coagulator. It significantly simplified medical procedures involving tissue ablation. In those early years, we catered exclusively to the life sciences sector. 
In time our company branched out, going on to patent liquid light guides that inspired a host of unprecedented industrial applications. Our innovative UV light guides are a case point: Far more efficient at transmitting light than conventional silica fibers, they are also a good deal more affordable. That combination makes them the solution of choice for curing adhesives used in industrial manufacturing processes. 
The next logical step for LUMATEC was to add high-performance light sources to the product range. Today we provide superb UV light sources that serve customers well in non-destructive testing applications. Our multispectral light sources are also an excellent fit for forensics, where they help detect traces and collect evidence. These powerful scientific analysis tools also serve researchers well.
Over the years, LUMATEC has earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative providers of specialty lighting instruments. We owe our success to engineering expertise in three areas:

  • Liquid light guides offering unrivalled quality and performance
  • High-performance light sources
  • Excellence in optical technology for specialty lighting 


Mission statement

  • We develop technology aimed to help customers tackle future challenges. 
  • Catering to everyone who stands to benefit from specialty lighting instruments, we design, manufacture and market excellent components, systems and solutions. These instruments enable our customers to generate, transmit and apply the light they need to accomplish their missions.
  • All our employees enjoy the benefits of secure jobs. In return, we expect an entrepreneurial mindset and a commensurate level of dedication to the company.
  • Creative minds find the space they need to thrive at LUMATEC.
  • Researchers worldwide can count on us to be reliable partners.
  • We love what we do and enjoy working together as a team. 


Guiding principles

  • LUMATEC is a pioneer in high-performance optical technologies.
  • Our specialty lighting components, systems and solutions set industry standards and help our customers generate, transmit and apply light for specialized applications.
  • Determined to steadily improve our market position, we strive to address and grow in niche technology sectors.
  • Our products and business models are tailored to meet our customers' needs and deliver extraordinary value.
  • In our efforts to remain competitive, we refuse to settle for anything less than the highest quality, maximum flexibility and minimal lead time paired with optimized costs.
  • Innovation at LUMATEC is a dynamic process geared to fast-track development and rollout. 
  • The prevailing style of leadership at LUMATEC is collaborative and results-minded. We work together as a team, sharing our knowledge, insights and the lessons learned from successes and failures across all departmental boundaries and hierarchical levels.
  • Our employees are entrepreneurs within the company. They are trusted to work independently and bring all their dedication to bear to accomplish the mission. This is how we achieve our common goals and secure our company's future.
  • Our business practices are geared towards environmental sustainability and to conserve resources. The health and well-being of our employees are top priorities.